If you use recorded music (52)

What is Copyright?
What does the Copyright Act do?
What is the Copyright Tribunal?
What is CMO?
Who is CMO in Malaysia?
How much transparency is there in the CMO?
How do the CMO contribute to the society?
Who is PPM?
Who are PPM’s Members?
Does the Government of Malaysia recognize PPM?
What licence is issued by PPM?
Why do I need PPM licence?
When should I apply for PPM licence?
Is there any compulsion in paying royalties to PPM?
How often/how long do I need to pay PPM licence for?
Do I have to pay royalties when the playing of Music Recordings is not primarily for making money?
When I have bought an original Cassette or CD or DVD or subscribed a digital music service, do I need a public performance licence if I play in public?
If I play only Radio, TV, Satellite or Internet broadcasts in my office or shop, do I still need a public performance licence?
Do I need PPM licence if I wish to make a video such as wedding video?
Do I need to apply PPM licence if I have paid to live performers or they perform for free?
How do I get PPM’s licence?
How do I pay?
Which PPM licence should I apply?
How much I need to pay for the licence?
Does PPM licence cover the use of Music Recordings across multiple locations?
Why PPM charge me a verification fee?
What is meant by “Public Performance”?
What is meant by “Commercial Rental”?
What is meant by “Featured Entertainment”?
What is meant by “Non-Featured Entertainment”?
What entitlement does a public performance licence provide?
So, what are my chances the recording I am using needs a licence?
How are the rates fixed?
Why can’t the government fix the rates?
What happens if I don't take out a licence?
Are there exemptions to the paying of royalty?
Tell me more about Background Music Service Provider
My music is supplied by background music service provider, do my background music service provider need PPM licence?
What is reproduction for public performance?
Why do I have a reproduction licence fee when I have a digital music service?
Where does the money go?
What music can I use?
Why do I need a licence when I have a personal digital music service?
I have been told that if I only use sports channel I do not need PPM licence, is that correct?
How do I view the list of Annual Commercial Rental Service Provider?
I would like to provide PPM my music usage. How do I get PPM’s music usage report forms?
What if a business is using Music Recordings illegally? Who can I advise?
How do I amend my account?
How do I cancel/terminate my account?
How do I contact PPM?
Can I give feedback to PPM?
What happen to MRM?

If you own or control recorded music (5)

Who can join PPM as a member & what are the requirements?
How do I join PPM?
What are the benefits of joining PPM?
Is there a joining fee to become a PPM member?
How do I register the song that I own?
Need A Licence?
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